*new* RAINBOW BOOMERANG crystal wand

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The Boomerang wand with clear Colombian Lemurian quartz-this one is glossy with rainbows. Sorbet-by-the-sea inspired colors on this rainbow wrap. 18" in length.

Message: What you put out there will come back to you! So if you have done good deeds in number, good karma is your reward.

Handmade, one-of-a-kind MAGIC WAND. Natural imperfections in materials are intended.

Made with the spirit of love + magic for all!


Due to the highly sensitive nature of these pieces of art, as with all crystals, these items are Final Sale.

Shipping in domestic U.S. only. If you are in another country, please write [email protected] to inquire about shipping to your country. Some options available, but done on custom basis.