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SNAKE magic wand 5

  • SNAKE  magic wand 5
  • SNAKE  magic wand 5
  • SNAKE  magic wand 5

SNAKE WAND - This naturally snake shaped wood holds an extra groovy Lemurian crystal in a 15" hand-carved wood setting. Various shades of hunter green, moss, and several silver/gold Italian leathers adorn this piece.

Handmade, one-of-a-kind MAGIC WAND. Natural imperfections in materials are intended.

Made with the spirit of love + magic for all!


Due to the highly sensitive nature of these pieces of art, as with all crystals, these items are Final Sale. Please feel free to DM Victoria @vegajewelry on Instagram if you would like to see stunning live videos of these beauties. There is also a tab of HIGHLIGHTS entitled 'Magic Wands.'

Shipping in domestic U.S. only. If you are in another country, please write to inquire about shipping to your country. Some options available, but done on custom basis.